By including a QR Code or Quick
Response Code with your Mighty Mini,
all of the above is possible and more!

What is a QR Code?
A QR Code or Quick Response Code is a two dimensional bar code that when scanned will direct you to a variety of different options, and is capable of over 7,000 characters. (A standard barcode is one dimensional code and can hold 24 characters.) Therefore, the uses of a QR Code are endless.
How is the QR Code used with the Mighty Mini? The QR Codes we use with the Mighty Mini will direct you to our website, or to your website, providing you with a direct connection to a special offer or a point of purchase web page including multiple offers, expanded information such as
restaurant menus, photographs and daily updates. How do I use a QR Code with my Smart Phone?
To use QR Codes with your smart phone, you will need to download a code-scanning app to your phone. (Most new smart phones now come with the app.) Simply take a snapshot of any code and add it to your favorites. Then at anytime you want to go to that business, go to the quick response link on your phone to view additional information and check back for changing offers.