Need A Rack? 

Our Mighty Mini Racks are available for immediate placement. The racks are small, 12 x 9 and can be easily placed on any table or front desk. The racks come in three colors: Red Mahogany, Golden Oak or Black. They are hand crafted with a small head board. This head board is for placement of a brass engraved sign inscribed  with Welcome to (your Inns name). The brass nameplate is screwed into the wooden head board. It makes a nice centerpiece for an information desk or welcome area.

Below are some key points you should know about The Mighty Mini Program.

  • Its a new service for Cape May, but not to similar resort towns.

  •  Its free to you, the hospitality company and home to the rack.

  • We generate income from the small brochures in the rack.

  • There are 30 slots in the small rack holding 28 rack cards/brochures of businesses in Cape May County as well as a  year round brochure and a mini guide book.

  • No business is allowed in the rack that competes with your business.

  • The racks are serviced once a week all summer long.

  • They are restocked or changed over in September to reflect year round businesses.

  • They are serviced as long as you are open. In the off season they are restocked and straightened less often to reflect the decreased usage.

  •  Sample racks are available for your inspection by just placing a call into our office at (609) 390-2411.

  •  The brochures are small 2 x 4 folded down, but our design allows for the same information as a conventional size brochure.

  •     Weve been n business since 1986 and are happy to provide references.

  • The racks do remain the property of TAC Printing & Marketing Services and can be removed at the end of each season by request.